Subterranean Sepoys Play


“In the blasted trenches of the Western Front, an Indian soldier betrays his own race out of loyalty to his British colonial masters.”

A drama based on letters, war diaries and memoirs of both Indian & British soldiers who served on the Western Front with the Indian Army.

Written by Avin Shah

Produced by Avin Shah for Tara Arts

Directed by Jane Morgan


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Richard Sumitro
Huw Parmenter
Ronak Patani
Neet Mohan
Deven Modha
Avin Shah

Mark Norfolk

Hindustani Translation
Jatinder Verma (Tara Arts)

Production Co-ordinator
Philippa Geering (Unique)

Broadcast Assistant
Matt Willis (Unique)

Spot Effects
Alison Carter

Sound Recordist
Lucinda Mason Brown (Essential Music)

Sound Design & Editor
David Chilton (Essential Music)

Photography & Web Design
Roman Skyva

Designer & Illustrator – National Theatre & Web Poster
Shiv Grewal

Research Consultant
Dr Gajendra Singh (Oxford University & Author of Between Self & Sepoy)


“…I was fascinated by the insights that it gave into the lives of the Indian soldiers and the significance of Izzat and the fundamental concept of loyalty. The use of letters was a very effective dramatic tool and one of the real strengths of the piece was its focus and clever use of a small cast…”

David Hunter – BBC RADIO DRAMA, Producer (Tommies)

“…This was fantastic, congratulations to everyone involved. Wonderful stuff…”

Marina Calderone – BBC RADIO 4, Director (The Archers)