The Premiere – National Theatre South Bank Festival

Poster“In the blasted trenches of France, an Indian soldier betrays his own family and friends out of loyalty to his colonial masters…”

Subterranean Sepoys – a special reading of a new radio play about the Indian Army on the Western Front, developed from archives and letters from Indian soldiers. .

“…I was fascinated by the insights that it gave into the lives of the Indian soldiers and the significance of Izzat and the fundamental concept of loyalty. The use of letters was a very effective dramatic tool and one of the real strengths of the piece was its focus and clever use of a small cast….”  David Hunter – BBC RADIO DRAMA, Producer (Tommies)

“…This was fantastic, congratulations to everyone involved. Wonderful stuff…” Marina Calderone – BBC RADIO, Director (The Archers)

 “…a really compelling drama with a great range in style from comedy to the shocking final tragedy.” Ian Briggs, Screen-Writer (Doctor Who)

“…Away from entrenchment of propaganda, nationalism or politics but connected on a simple human level which can relate to us today and be of true value. It certainly stimulated me… awoke my inner thoughts and made me realise the rich interconnected stories and experiences we make, make us and the world we live in today…”