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Writing Drama from History

sepoys-avin-shah_DSC_6540Premila Trivedi uncovers a missing link in writing drama.

Suddenly I could see how I could write more authentically, since the workshop exposed me to feelings and emotions I might never have otherwise experienced and importantly located them in my body rather than confining them to my head.

 I’ve had a bit of a go at creative writing myself in the past, mainly snuggled under my duvet with my notebook or sat on a chair at my computer. But I never could have imagined how insightful and beneficial it could be to let go of my pen or keyboard, get off my backside, put conscious thinking to one side and allow myself to (maybe very indirectly) share something of the experiences and events my characters were going through

Was that what the workshops were meant to be about, to provide Avin with material that could be used in his play?



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